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1) No Late Fees! eBooks and eAudiobooks return themselves!

2) Adjustable due dates:  7 day, 14 day or 21 day checkouts are available.

3) New items are added regularly. Check back often for more selections.

4) All you need is a Library Card and you can sign in to check out books today! 

5) For help with loading OverDrive onto your device, click here




Axis 360





With OverDrive media app

With Acoustik app

iPad / iPhone compatible

Yes, with OverDrive app

Yes, with Blio app

Kindle compatible


Kindle Fire & Blio App

Nook compatible


Acoustik and Blio App


Nook Simple Touch - Available for Checkout and Request

The library has pre-loaded Nooks available for checkout and request. The Nooks check out for a 3 week period and are pre-loaded with 10 titles.

Choose from these genres: 

  • Childrens
  • Teens
  • Non-Fiction 
  • Fiction 
  • Bestsellers
  • Science Fiction / Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Romance


Why check out a Nook? You can hold 10 books in the palm of your hand and every e-book can be set to a large print font. 


Test drive a pre-loaded Nook and check one out today by clicking here