Online Payments


How to pay SSJCPL Library Bills Online 

Stockton-San Joaquin County Library now offers the option of paying your library bills online. 

Note: Bills less than $1.00 cannot be paid online. 


1. Go to SSJCPL website at 

2. Use the “Account Log In” to access your online library card account.  

3. Click on the “Fines” Tab. 

4. Click on the Current Fines/Blocks” line if not already open. 

5. It will default to “Select All” bills. If you only want to pay specific bills, uncheck the Select All box and then check the boxes besides the bills you want to pay.  

6. Click the “Pay Bills” button. 

7.Enter the requested information and click “Submit”. Next, you will be given the opportunity to enter an email address then click “Submit again. A receipt from the Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library for Library payment will be delivered to your inbox. 


Note: If you need to pay on multiple accounts, please log in to each account and follow the above procedures.  If the system does not accept the payment, it may need to have a time lapse between card uses from the same vendor.  


If you have questions about your account, please contact the Library at (209) 937-8221. 


SSJCLP Online Bill Pay FAQ 


What credit/debit cards can I use? 

Master Card , Visa and Discover. PayPal and American Express are not accepted at this time.


Do I have to pay all bills on my account, or can I select specific ones? 

When your bills are displayed in “My Account”, all bills are selected. If you want to pay specific bills, uncheck the boxes you do not want to pay. 


Can I receive a refund for a payment I made online?

Unfortunately, refunds are not available once an online payment is made.


After I pay my bills, will the bills still appear on my account? 

Payments will show immediately as paid on your library card account. If the bills still display, try refreshing your screen. 


Can I make a credit card payment over the telephone? 

Unfortunately, credit card payments are not accepted over the telephone. You may make payments, in person at one of our branches, mail in the payment, or online. 


Will I receive a receipt for my online payment? 

You will have the option of having a receipt emailed to you (enter an email in the box provided). 


What if I think I was billed incorrectly? 

If you have any questions about the bills on your account, please call the Library at 209-937-8221 before paying. 


What if I pay for a LOST item online then I find it? Can I be issued a refund? 

Unfortunately, the Library cannot issue a refund for a paid lost library item. 


Can I pay for Lost or Damaged Link+ items online? 

Because payments for Lost and Damaged Link+ items need to be routed to the lending library, paying them online is not an option.