Strategic Plan 2014


The Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library is in the process of developing a comprehensive strategic plan for library operations. The Library has sponsored a series of town hall forums throughout the county to seek input from the public on the role of the Library in the community and expectations for library services in the future.


In addition to the Town Hall Meetings held, telephone questionnaires will also be conducted in an effort to allow another format for the general public to share their thoughts about the future of the Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library.


The perspectives and viewpoints shared during these forums and phone conversations will play an essential role in assisting to craft the Library’s strategic priorities for its immediate and long-term future. The town hall meetings will be facilitated by consultants from MGT of America, a management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning and library studies.

Please feel free to visit this page for continued information about the general progress of the Strategic Planning Process.


The Strategic Planning Team:

  • Circulation Assistant I, Bushra Kahn
  • Library Assistant II, Tara Gallegos
  • Librarian II, Rebecca Hill-Long
  • Librarian II, Anne Stevens
  • Supervising Librarian, Peaches Ehrich
  • Supervising Librarian, Debra Furtado
  • Supervising Librarian, Susan Johnston
  • City Librarian, Chris Freeman
  • Senior County Administrator, Chris Rose
  • Deputy City Manager, Laurie Montes