Year 2009-2010


A peek inside of the SSJCPL Annual Report for 2009-2010:


"Library advocates play a key role in educating our communities about why libraries and librarians are essential in an information society. The voices heard from our advocates make the difference in the success or failure of legislation.

SSJCPL is pleased to have a strong group of library advocates which includes the many Friends in addition to the Library & Literacy Foundation for San Joaquin County. These non-profit organizations continue to be a tremendous support to Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library.

We also have a variety of families, individuals, and volunteers that have supported the Library in a multitude of ways, and we are grateful for every single one of them. SSJCPL is the public’s library. Without the public’s support, we would not be able to provide the resources, services, and programs to the communities that we serve."


We invite you to view the PDF version of the 2009-2010 Annual Report